The Future
Belongs to the Tech Literate

Let's show them the way

The tech literacy paradox

Young people grow up surrounded by technology

But today, too many have no idea how it all works - and don't fully appreciate how it will shape their futures.

Young people may look like savvy digital natives, but their knowledge is only screen-deep.

They are too often passive consumers, not active creators.

This is the tech literacy paradox.

Why does it matter?

It's a critical national agenda because tech is shaping the modern world

There's already a social and economic cost to the nation



people don't have the skills to thrive in the digital era



of GDP per year is lost to the UK economy due to digital skills shortages

Young people have misconceptions about technology

We need to build a culture of tech literacy, so that young people can face the future confidently - and make the most of tech's power to shape their lives.

What can we do about it?


Enabling teachers and parents to show the next generation the way


Inspiring and empowering young people to find tech relevant and interesting


Equipping schools to use tech effectively